Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sculptures Are Getting More Stylized in 2016

From what I can see, a lot of artworks coming about in 2016 are getting more and more stylised. Many established artists, old friends and new alike, are developing their own personal styles to the optimum characteristics they can display. Originality seems to outweigh realism in much of today's artists' opinions. 

This sculpture below was done by the studio of John Maisano from Austin, Texas, and is an exact example of the stylised direction that many artists seek to find in order to differentiate themselves today. His piece here shows a very prehistoric or ancient motif that takes advantages of the structural shapes that are part of his subject's anatomical design. He stresses these to compose a distinct yet bold rendering of his ideas.

Jessica Drenk also creates her nationally well-known, sculptures with a very unique, tailored style that resembles a layered or structured system of smaller elements. Her pieces reflect on the mannerisms that she has as an artist, and her style develops based on these mannerisms into a beautiful and contemporary series of artworks. She is based in the US and is represented there by Several fine art galleries, such as the Galleri Urbane in Dallas Texas.

Kylo Chua has also been widely recognized throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and the US for his evolving fluidity style, or rather infinity style- as many collectors have come to call it. Most of his sculptures portray a pure-like, expressed accentuation of elongated biological contours, such as the arms or legs of a woman. Some of his later works portray graceful animals in this eccentric, elegant style- such is the case of this sculpture depicting a collie sheepdog.

Wallace Chan, the renowned jewel sculptor is also perfecting his craft this 2016, with more inspiratorical pieces from nature, like this sapphire butterfly. He has been internationally famous for combining two media into one art style, creating wearable art that has become popularised all throughout Asia and China. His pieces draw from the colourful bewilderment of precious gemstones and their scintillating luster, adding to the already diverse uses we have for them as a society.

Manfren Kielnhofer's famously strange, yet captivating works this year are also stylized in a very particular sense. His artworks manifest themselves mainly as abstracted covered figures, somehow touching on the extra-physical or beyond-temporal subject of living beings. There may be some religous themes to these works of art as well, but I can't comment too much on that area for sensitivity reasons.

Going around Asia, the Middle East and some parts of Europe in the past years has exposed me to many forms of art, I do hope to chance upon more great artists and evolving methodologies this coming 2016 as I discover more about this wonderful world.

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