Sunday, June 10, 2012

Layered Sculpture and The Glass Paintings of Our Time

When thinking about the growth of modern art today, China seems to be inching ahead of the rest because of their growing economy. In this age, artists like Xia Xiaowan incorporate new and exciting styles to dramatic genres in the hopes that people will stop and stare at something totally new. Xia creates very striking human-centered masterpieces that are set across several planes of glass. Each individual plane holds a part of her composed artwork. She creates using a structures system of hologram-like layers that combine through the eye and showcase a bold three-dimensional subject.

Xia's "spatial paintings" as they are often called, are portraits of anatomical complexities. Her almost horror-like style appeals to many in today's contemporary Chinese market, and even her peers abroad. Artists like David Spriggs from Canada are deeply involved with Xia's type of sculptural craft as well. Spriggs is famous for his fireworks-like bursts with a similar technical style to Xia's glass planes.

As China soars to new heights in the field of contemporary art, we now see an emerging population of new talents in and around the Asian societies.


Frenie Agbayani said...

That's awesome. That art glass sculpture adds a lot of personality.

keti said...

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