Monday, December 5, 2011

Sculptors of Asia Pay Tribute To Japan's Recent History

It has been quite a while, but many still remember the event that swept Japan by storm only a few memories ago. The tsunamis and earthquakes that rocked the Asian community were those of magnitude that affected the lives of millions. Today we show art that remembers this past and allows us to look back and reminisce the significance it had on the world.

Among the younger generation of artists, a Philippine sculptor, Kylo Chua created a contemporary piece entitled “Will We Just Watch?” The sculpted artwork reveals a tsunami figure (symbolizing mother nature perhaps) flowing wildly into an active society. The artwork shows a bold depth in symbolic power by composing itself of a collage-like medley of subjects. The “3D” glasses magnify the world’s helpless position during the reality of the event, and possibly the media’s widespread coverage of the tragic day.

Sand artist; Sudarsan Pattnaik modeled a gigantic palm flat against the sandy beaches at Puri. The intensity of the work drove curious bystanders to watch and gain awareness of the threat a tsunami can pose to any nation. This bold, awe-inspiring work shows a striking subject that grasps attention by the eyes and pulls it inward into a deeper and more tragic meaning. The temporal nature of its medium has got to be a part of the piece's own purpose. The sand that flows through the waves, no matter how massive and great, can still simply vanish with the tide... 

Possibly the most awe-striking wire sculpture we've ever gazed upon- the masterpiece; “Jit Jakawan” translates to the "Heart of the Universe". Phuket Kamala’s memorial centerpiece sculpture is one of Thai Sculptor, Udon Jiraksa’s most breathtaking pieces. A symbol of a bygone past, as well as a remembrance to the world, this largely scaled emblem is indeed a gravitating sight to behold. Organized by Laemkon Art from Bangkok, several artists (including American artist Louise Bourgeois, and  Swedish artist Lars Englund) joined Jiraksa in creating their very own works of art that pay tribute to that faithful day in 2011.


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Your talents are beyond compare. It is truly fascinating how amazing this contemporary sculpture artist is.

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