Saturday, April 23, 2011

Evolutionary Art and its Innovative Concepts

Let's take a break from discussing about our main blog theme for a while and take a look at a new artistic approach to science that's breaking headway into the mainstream of the intellectual community. Likened to the practice of Generative art, Evolutionary art is characterized by the usage of principles based on natural evolution and selection. It is actually a branch of the latter and has also evolved to the usage of silicon based-systems (in contrast to Bio-Art or Organic Art).

The process of Evolutionary Art can be associated with the particular practice of modified evolution as well, where artificial or external factors are  introduced to several generations of reproductive species. Interactive evolution can also be observed when human beings alter the path of natural selection by choosing to breed for example, species that are more aesthetically pleasing than others. Evolutionary art is a long-spanning concept that bridges several years or time-periods of life. It is a way by which science can aesthetically describe modification and selection in their pursuit for evolutionary idealism. In truth though, it is more of an artistic way of looking at the sciences involved with the study of different species and their ancestry.


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