Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Minimalism in Sculpture

For every complexity and detail observed in hyper-realism or naturalism, we can also see an opposite trait within the movement of minimalistic art. Whether sculpture or painting, photography or digital art, minimalism is a basic foundation that appeals to many in the community. Often thought over as elegant, avant-garde mannerisms of design, minimalism actually exhibits the trait of containing the strongest impact in the smallest of bodies. It portrays a certain type of aesthetic beauty that almost anyone can appreciate due to its simplicity in freeform and structure. Artists and theorists argued that minimalism conveyed every message that any other artform could, but through an extremist's definition of simplicity at work.

Free Ride Sculpture by Tony Smith (Minimalism in Sculpture)

The movement derives some of its traits from the Bauhaus period, making use of geometric abstraction. It also arose in combat to the rising complexity of abstract expressionism and non-representative abstract works that were diversely vibrant in color and composition. It was later followed by post-minimalism, which is symbolized by the usage of minimalism merely as a conceptual reference point and not a central theme.


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